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It isn't Hope's fualt The Hand won't bond with her! With all the power in the Three Realms within her grasp, Hope has to figure out how to convince Fate and the other Angels in Heaven that she is the only one worthy to take the Wielder of Fate seat--even if it means taking matters into her own less-than-humble hands.


A year after Skyelar freed herself from her oppressor, she's convinced Heaven is smiling down on her for once. With Elias' help, Skyelar is not only perfecting her magic, but she's falling deeper into the pools of his emerald green eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone is eager to share in her splendor. Especially her sister. The full moon is approaching and the Lycan inside Peyton is clawing for release. The Jericho sisters know how dangerous the beast can be, but the greater danger lies in an unsuspecting affair with a Sanguis who would do anything to get Skyelar back. Science is no match for a curse this ancient...

AOD: False Idols

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Ingram ISBN: 9781088096932

Book size varies based on case selection. Paperback is 6x9. Hardcover will be larger. Watermarks do not appear on printed copies.

You have the option to request an author autograph for an additional $5. Please note the $5 fee covers the shipping to the author before shipping it to you.

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