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Heaven has one Hell of a view, but the Angels are too pre-occupied to notice the danger simmering softly on Earth. The Wielder of Fate throne is vacant, and the Three Realms of Heaven, Earth, and Hell will crumble if a new Wielder is not chosen soon. Luckily, The Hand of Fate has chosen. But wielding is no easy task, especially when Fate itself refuses to play well with others.


On Earth, Skyelar Jericho's Life has never been easy. Her mother despises her; her grandfather wants her dead; and her boyfriend wants to drink her blood. With her own magic too weak to stop him, Skyelar finds solace in the company of Elias Luck, an ancient Creature with magic like her own. But when she's persuaded to be a blushing bride, Skyelar will have to find the power within to keep herelf safe. She just might be more powerful than she knows--if she can free herself from her doomed Fate.

AOD: In the Beginning

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Ingram ISBN: 9781088113745

Book size varies based on case selection. Paperback is 6x9. Hardcover will be larger. Watermarks do not appear on printed copies.

You have the option to request an author autograph for an additional $5. Please note the $5 fee covers the shipping to the author before shipping it to you.

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