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Independence Day is always a spectacle for Murr County, Kentucky. Even the Angels in Heaven enjoy seeing the light displays on Earth. This year, though, the Angels have more critical matters to tend to. Theo is getting sick--something that should never happen to an Angel of Wisdom; Hope is losing her grip on her Mortal; and Samuel is getting impatient with Fate. If Earth isn't careful, this might be the year the Pied Piper finally explodes.


As the festival approaches on Earth, the Conquisitors think they have the solution to defeat Elias' mayoral campaign. If only Elias cared half as much as they do. Rather, Elias only cares about keeping Skyelar safe, which bodes poorly for him because she is willing to risk her entire Life to get what she really wants. Now, it's up to Lilith to ensure Elias' success, and she has centuries of pent-up aggression to release. Especially when Aezra still insists on making her the other woman. Soon, everyone will find out just how much Lilith hates to lose. Tonight, sparks will fly.

Blessed Implosion


Ingram ISBN: 9781088136430

Book size varies with casing option. Paperback is 6x9. Hardcovers will be larger. Watermarks do not appear on printed copies.

You have the option to request an author autograph for an additional $5. Please note the $5 fee covers the shipping to the author before shipping it to you.

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