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Temptation bites back...hard. The lines between the Three Realms are starting to blur as Fate continues to follow its own desires. For the first Time since the Dawn, the Wielder of Fate seat is vacant with no one in line to claim it. Hope is reduced to the ranks of a Guardian as she tries to win Fate over by bonding with a Mortal. But when the Pied Piper cashes in an old debt, the Dark Angel, Bane, stands in her way. Who will win in the fight for Skyelar's soul?


While Heaven and Hell battle for control of Fate, Skyelar finds herself in a precarious position between Elias and Aezra. Elias is still noticeably absent from Skyelar's Life, prompting Aezra to work harder to attain his Life-Blood by any means necessary. And, if being caught between a Sanguis and Mythic isn't enough, there's a new Lycan in town, sent to protect Skyelar from the monsters. She just hopes he can handle it when her monsters bite back.

The Good Shepherd


Currently, this title is only available in 6"x9" paperback.

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