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Ecstasy in Heaven

Welcome to another week of "Postcards" from the Kingdom of Heaven! We're steadily making our way through all the locations in my book. This week, I'm leaving you with one of my favorite guides to learn about Ecstasy. There's a lot to unpack here, so please be patient as Patrise does her best to explain what she knows.

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Hello, dear Mortals, I'm Patrise, and I am honored to guide you through this rare glimpse into the Kingdom of Heaven. You're seeing things that most Mortals only dream of seeing in their Lifetimes! I am so glad to have you here in my home of Ecstasy. I really think you'll enjoy learning about this fair city of Heaven.

But first, I guess I should tell you a little about myself, huh? Well, I'm an Angel of Wisdom just like Theo and Carmen, although I am newer than they are. I didn't just arrive. What I mean is Carmen and Theo have been around since the Dawn. I'm sure Carmen mentioned that once or twice. She's a fan of reminding everyone how long she's been in Heaven...On the other hand, I was brought here as a result of the events that lead to The Fall.

I don't have a lot of information about The Fall or what led to it because I was only a new Angel in Nirvana at the Time. None of us knew what was happening. Carmen and Theo did a really good job keeping it quiet and isolated here in Ecstasy and Grace. It's a shame, too, because I really think knowing that information would make my job a little easier.

Why's my job so hard? Well, because I'm the Keeper of Death. That's why I was brought here by Fate. My studies in Nirvana remain incomplete because I was summoned for my Divine Purpose early. All I know is Death was new to all these Angels and they were scared, unsure what to do or how to handle it. I was gifted the understanding of Death. Why it has to happen; how it can happen among the Three Realms. I was also gifted with ways to cope with it, but so few Angels want to come to me for advice.

That's why I don't lead with "Hi, I'm Patrise. I'm the Angel of Wisdom and the Keeper of Death." It just sounds too scary. I know it freaks Carmen out. She won't admit it, but it does. I'm so different from them. I'm such a light-hearted Angel, but everyone only sees me for what I represent. Like I'm contagious or something. Anyway, I'm hoping this tour will open your eyes to things you never considered before. You can still hate me; I'm used to it. But maybe we'll have a better understanding when this is all done.


Okay, listen, I'm not going to spend a lot of Time talking about how great our castle is. I mean it's gold! No one else in Heaven has a golden castle! I can't take you inside because Carmen and Theo are in there holding council--which they decided to do specifically when they knew I'd be unavailable...

Anyway, you can peek through the windows! Look over here. That's our parlor. The mother of pearl floor goes all throughout the castle. You can hear echoes of us walking around it all day long. We mainly use the parlor to receive visitors. Only Angels, sorry. But you're not missing anything. It's got a soft bench over there and a few books next to it to read while you wait, but that's it. See? Nothing overly exciting.

Okay, now come over here. Don't crowd, but if you peek in from a distance, you can see a glimpse of the council room. It's basically the same as the parlor except the lighting is dimmer with windows in the ceiling to add dramatic effect. We're in there a lot. Every time an Angel comes to us with an issue or question, we have to hold council on it. That's just the way it is. Every decision we make must be unanimous or else it can't happen. I mean, we don't actually make laws or anything, but we do influence them. We sit in our big golden chairs--which are surprisingly comfy--and we each take the floor to discuss our side of what we want done. Then, we have to present it to the Wielder of Fate. Since there's not a Wielder of Fate right now, we have to take it to the Pied Piper. Next best thing, you know?

Anyway, all of our chambers are upstairs. We each have our own little residences. There's a big kitchen on the other side of the parlor, but we rarely use it. Carmen likes to eat alone. So we all just eat alone in our own small kitchen areas upstairs. See? Not as glamorous as you thought! Well, we do get to wear these really lovely white dresses and pant suits, but that's it!


When we aren't having council, I like to spend my Time here. The Garden of Eden is exactly what you think it is: the first Earthly home to the first man and woman created. I do know a little of the story behind that, but Samuel said I can't tell you...Sorry. I'm sure you all know the basics of it. Maybe you'll get to hear how it really happened one day when you come back to Heaven.

So the most important thing in the Garden are these three massive Trees right here. They are the Holy Trees. We, as the Angels of Wisdom, are bound to one of these three Trees. We are the keepers of whatever fruit it bears. These trees came into bloom by the magic of the Higher Powers and they are eternal. As long as they continue to bloom, myself, Carmen, and Theo will remain in existence. But if they ever faded for some reason, we would be in danger of vanquishing. When we were brought on as Angels of Wisdom, we had to bind our souls to our Holy Tree, so we are the living embodiment of what they represent.

This Tree over here to the left is the Tree of Knowledge. That's Carmen's Tree. It grows figs. If you pluck one and eat it, you get to remain in Heaven and learn how to be an Angel like the rest of us! Your Divine Purpose is unknown, but you'll learn it before you know it. The best part about that is you have the opportunity to watch over the family you left behind. That's not so bad, is it?

That Tree in the middle is Theo's. It's the Tree of Life. It grows coconuts, believe it or not! I know on Earth your coconuts come from palm trees, but this is a sacred fruit. It's not a standard coconut. See, if you drink the sweet milk inside, Theo will guide you into rebirth on Earth. You get to live a whole other Life with a new Purpose and all! It's kind of exciting.

And this beautiful Tree here on the right is mine. It's the Tree of Death, but it's really not

as bad as it sounds. Look! See, these cute little flowers? They'll bloom into the most delicious green apples you've ever had. Just one bite of these scrumptious fruits and I will help you pass peacefully into the Eternal Pool where you can rest and no longer carry the burden of Life or the Knowledge of what was. If you ask me, after a long Life lived well, that's a great retirement.

The rest of the flowers and things that are kept behind the gate of the Garden are only for the Wielder of Fate. I've never seen one use the plants in there, but most of them walk through it to clear their minds. It must be so relaxing in there with all those sweet smells and beautiful colors...


Now, what I can't show you lies on the other side of the Garden of Eden. It's the Eternal Pool. We keep it hidden through the thick threes and such that grow in the Garden. That's where Angels go when they are vanquished. That sounds nasty...when their Divine Purpose is fulfilled, Fate alleviates them of their burdens and they are allowed to rest in the luxury of the Pool. They have all the fresh food they can eat and all the company of those who have gone before them. It sounds like a really nice place! We all look to go there someday because we all deserve a break.


Okay, enough daydreaming about relaxation. Come over here. This is where the real work is. Everything we do in Heaven helps keep this statue perfectly balanced. See how the apple in the Tree is still connected to the branch? That's the way it should be. When all Three Realms are perfectly balanced, that apple should be attached to that Tree.

If something goes wrong and Heaven gains a little more power or if Hell gains a little more power, that apple will snap off the Tree and fall into the Angel's palm. Sometimes that happens because no one is perfect. But we always repair it quickly.

Now, the hard part comes when the serpent starts to move. This serpent way down here at the base of the Angel's feet can slither up and start to wrap around her if the Balance tips too far one way or another. We can correct that, but it takes a little more Time and effort. Thankfully, I've only seen that happen a couple times and we acted fast enough that no damage was done!

So what does this have to do with Earth? Well, everything! This statue right here was born out of the Divine Treaty between Heaven and Hell. If ever that serpent clamps its jaws on the apple, Earth Ream can be claimed in total dominion by whichever Realm achieved the tip of the Balance. And, trust me, we would know which side did it. You'll either end up with a bunch of Angels making things too perfect or a bunch of Hellions will take over the Earth and destroy everything. Either way is not ideal. Not in Fate's opinion anyway. So just do good, okay? And we'll take care of the rest!

Well, that just about concludes our tour of Ecstasy. Do you have any questions?...Oh, that big castle on the other side of the courtyard? Oh, that's Ginysis' castle. I can't take you over there. Samuel informed me that I can't even talk about it. I guess the less you know about it right now, the better!

Hey, can I offer you Mortals some advice to keep after you've left Heaven? When you go back to your Lives on Earth, just live. Don't get caught up in the things that don't really matter. You know the ones...And don't let the fear of what I represent consume you. I know you have no idea what Death feels like, and we don't want you to. Not until it's Time. And when it is, I promise you'll be ready. More ready than you think you are. And when your beautiful soul leaves your Mortal shell, you'll see me again, standing in the Garden of Eden to welcome you. If you choose to eat the sweet fruit of my Tree, I will release all the burden you carry and let you finally be at peace.

Until then, live your Life. Appreciate those who appreciate you. Trust me, I know what it's liked to be looked down on because you're not understood. Take care of yourself, but realize that Fate is cradling you in its arms. You may not understand everything that happens around you; you may not understand why good Mortals die and bad Mortals live, especially when those good Mortals were your loved ones, and that's okay. But, when it comes Time to face Death, don't turn away. Whether it's for yourself or someone you love--don't turn away. Please. The last thing a soul takes with it before we greet it in Heaven is who was there to ease its exit from the Mortal shell. Then, when they come to us in the Garden, they don't have to wish for another shot at Life because they earned one through you and the wonderful Life you lead, so they can rest peacefully in the Eternal Pool and wait for you to join them.


I hope you enjoyed your visit to Ecstasy. Patrise is my favorite Angel of Wisdom because I feel like I can really understand a lot about Life through her. I hope she gave you some kind of comfort or whatever it was that you needed. She's fun, but she knows how serious her Purpose is in Heaven and she does not take it lightly! I can't wait for you to learn more about her in the coming books!

Next week is our last week of the "Postcards" series! We're going to visit Grace as toured by the Pied Piper. As the Defender of Fate, he's really the only one allowed to show us around. I saved Grace for last because it is really is where all the magic happens! So look for that next week as we bring this series to a close.

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Love Always,

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