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The Angel of Death Series

What would happen if some Humans were, actually, Creatures in disguise? Creatures, biologically, designed to exterminate the Human race, if they so choose. Creatures like Lycanthropes; magical beings known as Mythics; blood-sucking Sanguis; Mer-folk; and more. Could you co-exist with Creatures? Would you marry a Creature? Or would you be on the side of the Human purists who believe Creatures should be exterminated before they destroy humanity altogether? What if you knew your decisions impacted the Angels and Dark Angels in Heaven and Hell?

Put your personal feelings to the test by embarking on a trip to Murr County--a fictional county in eastern Kentucky--where Humans and Creatures have co-existed since the Dawn of Time, and meet Skyelar Jericho, a Mythic born into a purist Human family. Surviving is the only mode she knows since "The Incident" forced her into exile and granted her the nickname "Angel of Death." But not everyone believes the nickname is fitting as Skyelar attempts to navigate her personal life amid the Jericho family drama. Unfortunately, the powers of Heaven and Hell might have other plans for her...


In the Beginning

Book 1


The Good Shepherd

Book 4

an ornate key on top of a small wooden box on a bedside table. There is a glass of wine on

For I Have Sinned

Book 6




False Idols

Book 2


Blessed Implosion

Book 5


Veiled Commandments

Book 3


Eternal Salvation

AOD Guide #1

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