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Veiled Commandments

Just one drop of blood is all it takes to change the course of Fate forever...

The highly anticipated third installment in the series is NOW AVAILABLE in print and digital!

Order your copy today to journey into Hell and experience the repercussions of the Anomaly Report.

Veiled Commandments

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Just one drop of blood…That’s all it takes to tip the Balance of Power in the wrong direction, starting a chain reaction in the Three Realms that no one expects. Thanks to the recent Anomaly Report issued by the Conquisitors, the Dark Angels of Hell are eager to test the limits of Fate with this added power. Worried for the future of fate, the Pied Piper will seek out the most unlikely ally to help him steer Fate in the right direction before bloodshed ensues and the Balance of Power is irreconcilably tipped.

But one drop of blood has already been spilled on Earth, unwittingly starting the race for salvation. Now, Aezra is hungrier than he’s ever been. When he sees the depth of the emotional affair Skyelar has with Elias, Aezra worries he will die before receiving the Life-Blood he desperately needs. Yet, when Elias suddenly goes missing, Skyelar seeks comfort in old and familiar ways. Ways that could alter her Fate forever.

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